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Where are the sinuses?

The sinuses are located within the middle part of the face. They are paired structures and there are 4 main groups- a pair beneath the eyes, a pair between the eyes, a pair above the eyes and the last pair located toward the back of the nose. There are many different problems that may arise from the sinuses. For example, sinus problems are associated with nasal blockage, problems with the sense of smell, facial pain, a runny nose and mucus running down the back of the throat. A group of patients where sinus problems are particularly worrying is those on immune-mediating drugs for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis

Sinus problems are also linked with a host of general health problems such as asthma, hay fever, allergy and snoring.

What causes sinus problems?

There are in fact about 12 main categories of problems that contribute to sinus problems and then there are several different contributing factors that are classified within each of these categories. Given that each person may have several different contributing causes to their sinus problems, you can see why there is no “one cure fixes all”.

Fortunately a growing number of ENT Surgeons are being trained to manage sinus problems using advanced surgical techniques. These techniques involve the use of cameras and specially designed equipment.  Surgery would normally be recommended if a trial of medical nasal sprays was unsuccessful.

David McIntosh has been trained by world leaders in specialised sinus surgery in adults, including ADVANCED SINUS SURGERY, and has also has developed skills with these techniques in children. David has a PhD in healing after sinus surgery and he has published and presented on topics related to sinus surgery in Australia and overseas. 

Computer assisted navigation

This technology is similar to the GPS technology used in car navigation systems. By utilising this technology in difficult cases, the risks of the operation are managed appropriately.

Frontal Sinus Trephines

This is a specialised technique whereby access to the upper most frontal sinuses is achieved via a miniature external incision. The incision is so small that a suture is not required to close the hole.

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