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Looking after your Ears, Nose and Throat

We have been fortunate to secure Federal Government funding for indigenous ENT services. As fabulous as this is, it is not enough and we desperately need more, and would welcome any opportunity to discuss this with and interested organisations, individuals, and corporations.

David McIntosh, is experienced in working with remote Aboriginal populations in regions throughout the Northern Territory including  places surrounding Alice Springs, Arnhem Land and island communities along Australia’s northern coast and remote Queensland. He has witnessed the issues faced by the Indigenous people of Australia. This goes beyond Ear Nose and Throat problems. Their life expectancy, rates of pregnancy related problems, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and eye disease are amongst the worst in the world.

The most critical of problems is Ear disease. The World Health Organisation classes a disease as serious if it affects more than 4% of the population. Health surveys have shown rates of ear disease greater than 90% in the Australian Indigenous communities. The adverse impact of ear disease includes impaired language and education, poor social interactions, detrimental psychological health issues, unemployment and criminal involvement.

We consider it our responsibility to be involved in addressing this health issue.